Welcome to Film Me

Our staff have worked across the world for some of the biggest brands you can think of. The majority of our videos are for online usage, and are filmed in both HD and 4K depending on client requirements.

Experience filming across the world, with a multi-lingual network of producers and editors available 24/7 to support production anywhere.

Proud to have worked with large international brands for their web content, including SAP, Chanel, Swarovski, Toyota, Nissan, Porsche and many others.

A Global Network
supporting local crew

We have local crew in each of our cities, who co-ordinate every aspect of the production whilst liaising with our global team. Once filming is completed, raw footage is uploaded to our editors, who work together with our producers and animators to create the final video.

HD Content
as standard

We have never filmed in less than HD, and also have 4K available in all locations. All your content is delivered online, with password protection if required.

Corporate Video

We have extensive experience making corporate video content for local and international clients. From scriptwriting to editing to voiceover recording, our corporate videos are known for being effective for your company, and completed to your deadline.

Tough deadlines

Most of our videos are completed within a week, with corporate videos taking 2 weeks or more depending on content, and we can work 24/7 if we need to by coordinating with local offices. If you need something quickly, talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.

Let us know
what you need

With an efficient company working mainly online, we can provide you with a competitive budget. Click below to contact our local team nearest to you.

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Some of our Team


Rupert Chesman has filmed across the world, from Brazil to Japan, speaks an annoying amount of languages, and has extensive experience scriptwriting, filming and editing. You can see more of his work on his website.


Anne is our lead videographer now based in Berlin, filming beautiful video for all our clients including KPMG, SAP, Swarovski, as well as being a popular and accomplished photographer.


Jillian is Film Me's Post Production Supervisor and will be in charge of your edit once we've finished filming.

Please click on the office closest to you for content from our local teams.